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Best Android Launchers: Customize Your Android Device

One of the most helpful tools for personalization is an Android launcher. Both the appearance and behavior of your home screen may be completely altered. It may also modify elements like icons and provide a wide range of other methods to theme and personalize your smartphone. The AOSP launcher is the model for most Android launchers.

Additionally, there are launchers available that may mimic the popular Google Pixel’s appearance and feel on your smartphone.

Best Android Launchers in 2022

  1. Nova launcher
  2. Niagra launcher
  3. Smart launcher 5
  4. AIO launcher
  5. Action launcher
  6. Apex Launcher
  7. Hyperion Launcher
  8. Microsoft Launcher

Nova Launcher

Since its debut on the Play Store in 2012, Nova Launcher has been a fixture. It offers a typical Android launcher style with many home screens, a straightforward app drawer, and other features. It’s adaptable, which is why it’s so well-liked. It’s great for themers and provides enough tools to get more use out of it than what’s provided by default.

It contains all the features you could possibly want in a third-party launcher, including a configurable app drawer, page effects, support for custom icon packs, and more.

You have even more options to tailor the launcher’s appearance and feel in the premium version. In addition, it has one of the most active customization communities and is one of the most supported Android launchers.

Niagra launcher

The ideal wallpaper complements Niagara Launcher beautifully, however the one I used for the screenshots is admittedly a bit crowded. The launchers we just went through are fairly similar to its overall UI, though.

Niagara Launcher will prompt you to choose up to 8 of your favorite apps for easy access after installation. If you require access to more apps, you can utilize the integrated search or scroll through the letter carousel to find what you require. Don’t download Niagara if you frequently move between two dozen programs, though, as Niagara is focused on keeping things very simple.

The app substitutes the standard smartphone screen with an alphabetical sidebar that makes selecting apps incredibly simple.

Both the free and pro versions of the app launcher are absolutely free of advertisements and other similar things.

Smart launcher 5

Users praised the app’s contemporary user interface, ambient theming, which matched the interface to your wallpaper, and support for Android 12 features including adaptable icons when it was known as Smart Launcher 5. In addition, it employs a grid-free widget placement technique, which is a welcome improvement over Android’s flexible but rigid home screen grid.

You will have a better Android experience with Smart Launcher 5, which is undoubtedly the smartest and best-unique Android launcher. Since it has a distinctive appearance and an organized app drawer, it is my personal favorite. Thanks to several choices, Smart Launcher can be totally customized. It conserves battery life and doesn’t consume RAM.

Putting appearances aside, this structure is undoubtedly unusual. For example, Smart Launcher keeps your icons neatly sorted into locked-down rows on its main screen rather than offering you a completely open canvas for whichever you want to add shortcuts and widgets.

Beyond that, Smart Launcher offers two additional panels: one with an integrated news feed (provided by Microsoft News) to the left and one with a completely different panel just for widgets to the right of the primary home screen area. The launcher’s search function enables you to easily find programs, contacts, or information from the internet in a single organized location, much like with our first two apps.

AIO launcher

This launcher’s interface is what makes it distinctive. It doesn’t offer a variety of icons or themes. It then offers a home screen with 20 pre-installed widgets that you have chosen to be shown.

The widgets’ layout, colors, text size, and other features are all modifiable. The app offers a monochrome theme. The AIO launcher’s main goal is to consolidate all relevant information on a single screen.

You don’t need to look them up in the email app or notification bar because the home screen shows all of your most recent emails. AIO keeps you informed by presenting both your Twitter and news feeds. Monitor the exchange rate of the preferred currencies from your home screen.

We need to swipe forward or backward to open the apps. Open the apps you desire with only one button press. At the bottom left of the screen, there is a search option that may be used to look up contacts, apps, and online data.

Action Launcher

As you browse the extensive list of top Android launcher apps, consider which one best meets your needs while reading about each app’s characteristics. Yes, the features of Nova Launcher, Pixel Launcher, and Action Launcher are pretty unique; you can also refer to them as fantastic app launchers for Android.

Although it should be noted that Action Launcher tends to run a little slower than other launchers in this article, it is still a great option for customization-savvy Android fans. Action Launcher is quick and intuitive. It’s one of the lightest Android launchers despite the features.

It’s simple to get the home screen of your choice with Action Launcher. The greatest configurable Android Launcher app, Action Launcher, features everything from gesture controls to cover, shutters, and hidden folders.

Action Launcher has an adjustable app bar, a Google search bar in the shape of a pill, and Oreo-style app shortcuts (backward compatible to Android 5). An app library and widgets are easily accessible to consumers thanks to a slide-out app drawer. Speedy access is made possible by unique motions like “covers” and “shutters.”

Apex Launcher

One of the most beautiful launcher programs is Apex Launcher. You may mix it with the countless themes and icon packs available on the Play Store to give it a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. One of the top Android launchers that is lightweight and designed for both smartphones and tablets.

More gesture possibilities, potent app drawer modifications, and many other features are available after purchasing the premium edition.

Now, Apex launcher also features an inbuilt app lock protection, similar to what Microsoft launcher offers. You can prevent unauthorized users from accessing your phone contacts, gallery, and social media apps. You won’t need to install Android app locks on your device if your phone supports fingerprint unlocking because you will also have the option to use app unlocking with a fingerprint sensor.

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion has thought of everything when it comes to customizing choices. The dock, the theme, the icons, the animations, the interface physics, and the gestures are all included. Sesame shortcuts and Hyperion Dock integration for Google feeds include. It’s one of the greatest Android launchers overall for those who require both personalization and simplicity.

Users can customize a wide range of options for themes, folders, transparencies, animations, icon packs, and adaptive icons in addition to the normal wallpapers and widgets. Many of Hyperion’s features are available for free, but some, such launcher-level font adjustments and custom gestures, need an in-app purchase for the Pro edition.

You can utilize several third-party icon packs and change the icon shapes. In order to fit as many icons as you want on the screen, you may also change the grids on the home screen and app drawer. The pace and animations used when launching apps can change. Additionally, you can integrate third parties’ services, such as Google Feed. So, we heartily recommend this program if you’re looking for one of the greatest Android launchers.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft introduced the all-new after rebranding the previously known Arrow launcher. It enhanced the communication between your Android phone and Windows PC while maintaining the integrity of Arrow’s original design language. On your Android device, It offers a fresh home screen experience that enables you to be more productive.It is so flexible, you may arrange everything on your phone however you like.

If you’re a fan of the Microsoft environment, the smart card can be a useful tool to stay on top of your most recent assignments. Additionally, you can change to add or delete widgets. The launcher also offers customization choices, including those for your home screen, gestures, app drawer, icon shape, and status bar visibility, to mention a few.

Looking for a launcher that can organize stuff, sync with your Windows PC, and let you customize Android? The Microsoft Launcher is the best. Giving your phone a new look is the smartest move. Using this top launcher app for Android, formerly known as Arrow Launcher, you may revive your phone. You also have access to stunning Bing wallpaper that automatically updates as your background.


Top top Android Launchers Apps 2022 can function as a personally modified Android phone that is quick and up to speed. These top Android Launchers 2022 can speed up your phone and give it a cool, fashionable design. Some Android devices lag or operate slowly, however Android Launcher also fixes this issue. Use the Best Lightweight Launcher For Android, we advise.



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