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CM Master Free Spins and Coins Collect Now – December 2022

Do you want complete your card collection in Coin Master game. So you need Coin Master Gold Cards for completing card set. Golden Cards can only be traded during Gold Card Trade events and only the cards that are introduced in that event. It is best way to get these cards from chests.

Some Gold Cards appear frequently in chests but there are a some cards are rare. You have to buy a lot of chests for getting more Gold Cards. Only few people know that tricks of higher chance for getting these rare gold cards.

Buy chests in every village is the best trick to get Coin Master Gold Cards. Gold and rare cards unroll over villages. Don’t forget to buy Coin Master Chest end of the Village complete. If any new cards found in Chests then move to the next village.

he most famous trick to get new Coin Master Gold Cards from chests is by looking at the stars of the last Coin Master Card you find in a chest. Does the card has 1-2 stars than buy a wooden chest . But this card 3 stars you can buy a gold chest. last card has 4-5 stars, we suggest you to buy a magical chest.

When starting a new village to build with 1 star then buy chests until you get a new Coin Master Gold Cards. After complete second star at objects then start buying chests again until you find a new Golden Coin Master card. Repeat this tricks until you have 5 stars full in a village. But ensure if you don’t find a new gold card under 100 million coins then buy new objects in your village.

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