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How Netflix intends to prevent users from sharing passwords

As part of Netflix’s upcoming crackdown on password sharing, users will be required to frequently connect via their home Wi-Fi. The company will reportedly take a tougher stance against the practice, which is thought to affect millions of people in the UK, according to an update to the streaming giant’s help page.

Netflix has announced new measures to ensure that any device using the account is connected to the account holder’s primary location, even though logins can still be shared within a single home.

Who can I give access to my account to?

If mom or dad is paying but the kids are still at home, they can have their own profiles and watch Netflix on their own devices just like they currently do because people in your household can still use your account. Maintaining their parents’ access to Netflix will be more challenging if the children have moved out of the house or gone to college.

This is so that the company can determine where users are logging in from and decide to take action if they suspect a free use case by using data like IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

How will this be put into effect?

If devices using your account frequently connect to your home Wi-Fi network, Netflix will view those devices as trustworthy. Don’t worry, you can still access Netflix on your phone when you’re out and about as long as you bring it home and log in at least once every 31 days.

But according to Netflix, if a device from outside your home logs in or is used frequently, it might require you to verify it before you can use it to watch anything.



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